Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello fellas. We have good swell now. Check the size and power. This is in the low tide, with good offshore wind.

The left was amazing, with long lines and perfect shape.

Here is Federico Bozzolo. He say, felt like jump from a building. The truth is that it looks bigger when you are over there outside, to see it from the beach.

We can say this wave today was heavy. If you don't believe? asking John what he think.

Or this guy. He think the same of John.

Really consistent wave and no to many people in the water.

A lot good pipe today. Check the next compilation of barrels.

El Negro Simon get a nice wave today. He just entered the top 10 best surfers in the area.

He had one of the clean barrel today. The medium size wave were more perfect.

Here is Federico. Charging a nice right in the set.

Here is Juan Bozzolo. Federico's brother. Dropping a nice peaky wave.

Doing the same thing when they were children and fight for anything.

Juan get some heavy too.

His friend Andres San Martin get something too.

Chocoyo come back again. After no have surfboard, This local guy find a piece of banana lip and make this nice bottom turn.

Andres was charging the rights too. Check this bottom turn in this one.

This wave had something special today. Was ugly(Rip currents), but beautiful for the wind.

Here Federico using his knees in the boogie board. He charge many good waves today. Good things happen for waking up early.

Every size of wave have barrel today. Check the small size in the inside section. Open perfect.

All that happen, is because our outer reef formed these cute waves and made to the boats had to flee. Thank for everything and check the report tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.