Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hola primos and welcome to the surf report for southern Nicaragua! This is Parker filling you on today's morning action. We had a super fun session so check out the photos!

Overnight, a new pulse from the south west arrived. We went to bed early so we could score some open rights all morning!

John was stoked to find shoulder high rippable surf. We talked about how today's conditions are all time for back home but it's another good morning in NICA Land.

As the wave rolls along the reef, it is mushy and playful. Once it transitions to the beach break section, the waves open up. Here is John slipping in for the section.

John, a professional chef, is visiting us to provide feedback on our meal plan. Similar to vegetables, he knows how to slice and dice the wave.

Check out this bad boy opening up!! Chose you waves and be in the right spot at the right time... or your board will get chopped up as well!

Take a minute to check out Los Perros. One month ago, it was barren and brown. After receiving our first rains throughout the last two weeks, the green is coming back! Please continue sending more rain Mother Nature!!

Because of the rain, the Los Perros river busted open last week. Along with the powerful river, a lot of wood floated out to the surf and beaches. As a result, crews are working hard to clean the beaches up.

Back in the water, the wind conditions have been perfect! Despite the rain last night, the winds were light offshore and stayed offshore throughout the day. That's a win-win: rain for the community and offshores for the surfers!

Bam!! This unknown surfer caught tons of rights. Soon, he'll have a perfect backside turn!

Later in the morning, the clouds cleared up and turned into a gorgeous day! It's still beautiful so go outside or surf.

Which right do you prefer? The rippable or the inside tubito? While you think about your answer, I'm going to slip out for a surf. Thank you all for checking out today's report. Nos vemos hermanos!!