Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What’s up folks, this is Lucha Libre reporting from up north with the San Diego’s crew.  Today we were expecting to have a push in the swell so we got excited about that.  The waves were fun running about chest to shoulder high on sets with offshore winds and the water warmed up a little bit.  Check it out!!!

On the first shot of the day we have Dave bottom turning on this sweet right.  He was so stoked with all the photos we shot of the whole crew.

The right was really doing its thing today but there were still a few lefts coming through.  Check out our buddy Don with a sweet floater on this left.  This guy was getting plenty of good waves all day long.

Did we mention that the right was firing today?  Here we have Matt “The Buzz” with a late take off on this small but sweet wave.

Today looks like we have a contest in the water.  Who is going to score the best right of the day?  On this shot we have Kevin hand dragging on another right.

On the last shot of this crew we have Ted looking good on another killer right.  The right was the thing of the day.  It was a pleasure to meeting you guys - we hope you have had a good time with us because we really enjoyed it.

There were a few guys out ripping it up.  Here we have this unknown rider with a cool turn.  The waves were small but super fun and powerful.

A few other surfers decided to fly and keep away of the chilly water.  That’s the best to keep warm when is a little bit chillier than normal.

Another day in paradise!!!  Don’t  you think so?

Jairo got hired today by the crew staying at the NSR Beach House.   They are from San Diego California as well.  On the first shot of the second group we have “El Chino Gigante” taking off on this nice looking left.  By the way the lefts were working really well today.

Tomas did a good job in the water today.  He was catching a ton of smoking rights too.  Check him out looking for to get a nice shack on this cool sizeable right.

We also had Bryan out there, who was in the right spot taking advantage of this great wave.  Here we have him taking off on one of the many good waves that he caught today.

Matt was really stoked to make his best surf trip down here in Nicaragua with his best friends.  Here he is with this cool back side bottom turn on this one. 

On the last shot of the second group we have Pedro “Pica Piedra” riding on this great left all the way into the beach.   We hope you guys had a great time and enjoy your surf trip down here in Nicaragua.   It is will be the next time buddy!!!

Hey “Chinito” did you catch any fish?  Alright folks, that is all for today.  The waves should be the same tomorrow.  Please check back with us.  “Lucha and Come Pan” out.