Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Hi everybody, it's Lucha Libre from out here at Las Penitas with the second day of the contest.  Today we have the semifinals and finals in the 4 different categories (Open, Junior, International and woman).  The surfing conditionsare not that good out here but anyway all the nica surfers wanted to give it a try.  It's even hard to tell how big it is exactly because the "wave" is moving all over the place like a huge milkshake.  The wind was doing its thing too turning from offshore to sideshore and onshore all day long.  Check it out.

We started the day with the International semifinal heats and Augusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro was doing the best he can to keep his title.  Here he is trying to snap the white water.

But this time Chris Conner wanted to win the International Tittle and was doing every kind of moves in the mushy waves.  There he is with a cool floater.

Later on into the national semifinals we had the big surprise of the day, Luis "La Baloy" Chamorro didn't make it to the final.  He was working hard but this heat was really tight against "La Bestia" from San Juan del Sur, "El Danino" from Limon 2 and "La Juliana" from Limon.

Mario "El Danino" Martinez showed us everything he had to make it to the finals in the Open category.  Here he is smacking the lip with a cool maneuver.

As i said yesterday Roque "Balboa" Calderon has so much experience surfing all kind of waves and today he showed off getting the barrel of the contest in the semifinals heat.  Here he is into the wave of the contest and making it to the final in the open category with this "BARREL".  Can you believe it?

We always have some cute chicks on the beach with this kind of event and i am always there to take a shot to prove it.  Hey ladies, thanks so much for the photo!!!

Them we have the the junior semifinal where we had  2 surfers from Popoyo, 2 surfers from Astillero, 2 juniors from Santana, 1 surfer from San Juan del Sur and a local from Las Penitas trying to get a place to make it straight to the final heat.  This is Richard "El Mechudo" Obando from Astillero showing us his skill to make it to the final and he did it.

Later on, in the finals into woman category we had Logan Longobuco with only 10 years old working on his surfing skills and she was doing a pretty good job against Ashley Blaylock and Ashley Ramos.  Here she goes riding one her best waves. 

After the international and woman final we had Rex "La Bestia" Calderon trying to win the Junior and Open Tittle.  Yeahh guys, this little kid made it to the finals in 3 different categories (International, Junior and Open) just image how he was surfing.  Here he is with a vertical move in one of his finals against the best of the best from the whole country.

It's time to know the final standing in this contest.  Into the woman final we have Ashley Ramos with third place, Logan Longobuco with second place and Ashley "La Cenicenta" Blaylock keeping her title once again.

In the international final we have Rex "La Bestia" Calderon with fourth place from San Juan del Sur, Darwin "El Cabucho" Jacamo from Limon with the third place, "La Gaviota" Chamorro from San Juan del Sur got second and the new International Champion is Chris "El Cangrejito" Conners from Popoyo.

In the national final we have 2 guys from Limon: Mario "El Danino" Martinez and Darwin "El Cabucho" Jacamo.  In the other hand we have the uncle and the cousin Calderon from San Juan del Sur, i'm talking about "La Bestia" and "Balboa" Calderon.  All of them were doing the best to win the title because this time we have "La Baloy" out.  Alright folks, on fourth place we have "El Danino" Martinez and "El Cabucho" Jacamo got third place, the second place was for "Roque Calderon the guy who is kissing his medal after we know the final results and the new National Champion is REX "LA BESTIA" CALDERON with 16 years old.  This is amazing!!!  Isn't it?

Into the junior final we had Rex Calderon from San Juan del Sur, Uriel Obando from Popoyo, Richard Obando from Astillero and Junior Martinez from Limon.  Try to guess who wins it.  On fourth place we have Junior Martinez, Uriel Montano got third, Richard Obando got second and of course REX "LA BESTIA" CALDERON keeps his title and win both categories and got fourth in the International.  Oh my god, this little kid was killing it!!!

At the end of the day we had the big raffle and this time the lucky surfer was Byron Jiron from Popoyo getting his new surf board sponsored by Tonny Longobuco.  Alright guys, it was Lucha Libre with the entire coverage of the event from Las Penitas.  We want to say thanks so much to all the sponsors and we hope you guys keep supporting the surf down here in Nicaragua.  See you next time in the third date of the National Circuit at Playa Santana on May 31th god willing.  Lucha out!!!