Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi folks, we are Lucha Libre and Come Pan with the surf report.  Today we headed out up north because we have two groups who hire Lucha and Come Pan to take a bunch of cool pictures of them.  The waves were small but there were still some fun sets coming in and they scored a couple.  It's running about waist to chest high on sets, the wind is offshore and the water is chilly.  Check it out.

We want to start the surf report with these guys from US.  From left to right we have James "El Zorro Pelon" Miles, Suen "The Lemon Head" Jensen and James "El Kooko" Gutow.  These guys were enjoying the day with Lucha today and were having so much fun out there too.

Here is James "El Kooko" Gutow riding a nice size right.  This guy is from New York and he came down here to surf our waves and have a couple of good photos.

This is James "EL Zorro Pelon" Miles from Philadelfia.  This guy was charging out there today, he's been surfing for a few time and today he made it on NSR.  That's awesome buddy!!!

How about Suen "The Lemon Head" Jensen taking off on one of the big sets of the day.  This guy is from San Francisco and left his job just to be here with us enjoying the good life.

Here is an unknown pale rider with a sweet snap.  This guy was catching a lots of fun waves out there today.

Here we have the crew who hire Come Pan out today.  From left to right we have Kevin, Sean, Kevin and Bryan all of them are from California.  These guys are so stoke because this is the first time they get good photos and they want to share them with all their friends.  They actually are enjoying to be here drinking some TONAS and relaxing.

This is Sean riding a small but sweet right.  This guy likes to drink a lot of Tonas meanwhile we are hoping to get a new swell this weekend.  So he's getting drunk every night until we have bigger waves.

This is Bryan Adams but not the singer because he just like to surf and have fun with his friends.  Here he is taking off on a nice looking left.

This is Kevin the ripper of the crew.  He was killing it at the two spots they surf today.  Here is this shot to prove it.

Here is Kevin "El Jefe" working on a nice right at first light this morning.  Yeahh guys, you can hire any of our photogaphers to have memories of your trip on every single wave you catch.  Send us an email if you want to get good photos of your surfing down here in Nicaragua.

Everybody wants to surf the good waves we have down here in Nicaragua, including the pro surfers.  Here is Holly Beck shredding out today with a couple of locals.

Mario "El Danino" Martinez has been practicing very hard for the upcoming contest this weekend in Leon at Las Penitas.  This time he's ready to make it to the finals and try to get his first National Tittle.

Alright folks, that's all for today.  Lucha and Come Pan out!!!