Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 22, 2022

Welcome back ya'll, we got dumped on last night as it was raining and pouring all night. This morning we had some lingering cloud cover and some nice glassy conditions with a slight offshore wind..

Big Scott on one of those early morning glassy goodies

Jackson working on some airs this morning

Zoom Zoom

Erin getting ready to paddle out with her bud and fellow shredder as someone in the background hacks it

Erin going just about straight 12 o'clock

No barrels this morning with the high tide no wind but plenty of waves to rip

The water and the air was probably the same temp somewhere in the mid-high 70's this morning.. so nice.

Tide is at the low now and coming back, if this wind stays mellow like this it might be real fun and glassy again down there with the tide filling in.

Tomorrow we should be getting some new swell tomorrow with more South in it so hopefully we'll be getting a bunch of sick left barrels to balance out all the rights we been getting.

As the sun punches through the clouds and shines down on John laying some rail work, I'm gonna go ahead and sign off and go check it again with fingers crossed that it's fun and I can get a session in :) Hope you all get a chance to get out and get some waves! Beautiful Friday afternoon how sweet you are.. Welcome the weekend! Cheers