Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 22, 2021

Welcome back for another super sized dose of Nica magic in surf form. Today we are having another absolutely epic day in our backyard. All the chargers are super amped and those that like it a bit smaller are front seat for an exhibition display of standout surf and big wipeouts too.

Big Scott is one of the few dudes out in the lineup that makes these drops backside without grabbing rail. Yeeew!

Mateo is one of the hardest chargers here and he has this wave wired better then most.

Gray making the drop on a big face looking down the line and making the decision big bottom turn or knife hard and go for the tube.

Daniel scoring a sick wave this morning.

On top of having sick waves, warm water, and empty lineups.. we typically have a couple photographers on the beach taking shots so you're likely to score some photos of your wave during your surf trip.

Just hoping this isn't the only shot you end up getting.. lol just kidding this happens to everyone at some point when they go charging it!! Yeah dudey!

Mateo on another beautiful peeling left as it pitches over his head in the beautiful dance between surfer and the sea.

A couple of awesome people and always a lovely sight to see here at the beach, Rosa and Sara checking out the surf action and enjoying the world class epic waves. Soon enough we'll see Sara out there charging it like her older sister Ructiel. Yeeeeeeew!

Is that Jackson?! I'm pretty positive that is Jackson Obando the hard charging powerful yet graceful surfer getting extra deep on this emerald turquoise gem.

Exxxtra deeep! Yeah that is just about rated TV-MA how deep Jackson goes on these waves. Sooo sick dudey!!

Rebecca here visiting from OC and enjoying the warm weather and warm water along with the epic waves that just keep rolling through.

Super fun guy and awesome surfer Jeynner had one of the best waves of the morning as he drove through this thing like a boss!

As he came flying out with the spit and a little hair flick lol okay guys super epic conditions and appears to be forecasts for bigger waves up to double overhead tomorrow before dipping back down to the head high range and not dipping below shoulder high for the foreseeable future. All time conditions guys and gals.. time to book that ticket and score the wave of your life. Hope to see you soon.