Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 22, 2007

Welcome to the surf report and the spanish class for today, or maybe I should say welcome to the crowded surf report. It's over head on sets and the wind is offshore. This beach was the go-to spot with a number of boats and a large crew of traveling surfos among others crowding the lineup. On days like this it is important to remember the impact you and your friends have on the lineup, and to be respectful.

TODAY'S SPANISH CLASS: Chicos sean todos bien venidos al surf de Nicaragua, la unica cosa que pedimos es de andar con el mismo repeto que ustedes exigen en sus propias playas. Yo creo que a ustedes no les gustaria estar en unos de sus puntos surfeando por ustedes mismos y ver a un grupo grande llegando a la playa y echandose todos de una vez donde estabas agarrando olas. Nicaraguans welcome traveling surfers, they ask only that you give the same type of respect that you would expect from visitors to your owns beaches. I bet you if you are surfing by yourself in one of your spot and you see a big crew paddling out and taking off on people you are not going to feel happy for sure. Here is a nice shot of one of the visitors going off the top.

We'd like to say hi to the small crew staying in the NSR beach house. Here is Scott

This is Barry

Here we have Lyle

This is Bean