Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 22, 2005

OK, so the new swell came a bit early and arrived late afternoon yesterday. When we got to the beach this morning the waves were solid double overhead, but unfortunately, the winds were variable to light onshore the whole day. We did get some semi-clean waves in the morning, but we weren't able to find the barrels we were hoping for. Regardless, we got waves. Here is a shot of the horizon when we showed up to the beach.

It's a good thing Shlek likes 'em big...

Did I mention shlek likes big ones?

This one lined up really nice...

Check out the size of this set wave...and all of us trying to get under it before the next one!

Shlek spent the day catching the big ones...

Here is a shot of the Outer Reef before we paddled out. It was pushing triple overhead on sets. I broke my board on my first wave and had to watch the rest of the day on the beach. (Can somebody please bring me down a 7'6'' before the next swell?)