Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pancho here with the surf report for Sunday morning. We've still got super fun waves in the head-high range. The crowds have thinned today and there consistent sets coming in at Playa Santana. This is the last session of Bert "Drop Knee" Hasty and his brother Todd "Zapaton" Hasty who've been here for the last week. This is Drop Knee showing us how to finish off a close-out!

Here is Todd, getting in one last schwack before flying out later today. The Hasty brothers are on their first leg of a year-long, around-the-world trip (yes, we are jealous) From here it's off to Hawaii. Have a safe trip fellas! It was great to catch some waves with you.

Today we have a couple of sick surfers out there making some insame maneuvers all over the place.  These guys are indroducing a new company call ERGOFOBIA.  Here is Matt "Surf Nazy" Keenan with a sick shot by Lucha.

This is Alejandro "El Cangri" Marin from Puerto Rico.  This guy was so stoke with the video that Lucha was filming of them.  Actually they hire Lucha for a week and they wanted to take him around the world to be the official videographer of the team.

How about Luke "Burt Reynold" with a sick shot.  This guy ripps, don't you belive us?  Here is the prrof.

Here is the last surfer of the Ergofobia surf team.  This guy is only 19 years old and he surf pretty good.  He's name is "Jensen "La Chaka" Callaway and here he is with a sweet round house.

Pancho Sanchez was surfing like a PRO today getting into sick barrels like this one.  Here he is getting deep into a nice room.  Good job my friend.

Here is Robb "Borracho Berth" with one of his best shots of his trip.  I bet now he's more tham happy to start his trip down here in Nicaragua.  All right folks, that's all for today.