Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 05, 2015

What's happening people??  Welcome back!  All of us here at NSR would like to wish everyone A Very Happy Easter!!!!!!  We hope you have had a day full of family and friends.  We had a super fun day of surf here in Nicaragua.  The waves were running anywhere from waist to head high with good form.  Not big but killable and the sand bars are taking form.  Unknown pale rider starting things off.

We had locals and visitors alike getting in on the action.  This little grom was blowing it up.  This is a small one but he timed it perfect and got a long mini tube ride.  Fun to watch for sure.

The grom wasn't the only one killing it.  I believe this gentlemens name is Gavin and he was tearing the tops off of the lefts.  Welcome down guys.

Our good friend Adam (Super Caña) paid us a visit on this Easter Sunday.  He made time for a couple of fun waves and a couple of good hacks on his day out.  Good to see you in this neck of the woods my friend.

You know the local crew was getting most of the best set waves.  Here's a fun looking left bowl.  Anyone out there want some of this?  You know where we are at,,, make it happen and hit us up.  Still plenty of room through the surf season.

My man Seth has been putting in plenty of time out here recently and it shows.  It's always a special feeling when you can surf or be a part of a surfing community where you get to be around good people all of the time.  I feel we are all blessed.

Mateo was out doing some cool top turns and making it look easy.  Nice slide my man!

Here's the grom I mentioned before having his way with this poor little lip section.  SHAWACKKKKK!!!!

There were a couple of cover ups to be had this morning.  This is one of the lucky lads that happened to be in the right spot at the right time.

Going to leave you with another great shot of Gavin.  We hope you have enjoyed our report for the day.  Please join us again tomorrow for another episode.  Again Happy Easter and we hope to see you soon. Dlite signing off.  PAZ!