Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 04, 2015

Welcome back to the Saturday NSR surf report. We have a small swell in the warer today.  It was running knee to chest high with fair form and the water was nice and warm.  This morning a crew from Costa Rica(Fabian, Mateo, Sebastian and Agusto) hired Armando to do a full day photo shoot for their trip here to Nicaragua. We checked the waves early looking for the best possible spot.  Here is what we found.

Before we headed out we wanted to get a group shot of the boys.  Are you guys ready for a day of Sun and Fun????

When we set up on the beach here is what we found.  Some super fun sets rolling through.  The boys were amped!!!  Codo was ready get some awesome pics of this crew.

First up of the crew is Sebastian( El pupilo) with a sweet inside right.  Taking full advantage of the long sections.  Nice top turn mi amigo!!

Sebastian wa so excited to get out there he could hardly control himself.  I thought for a second he was going to make one of these.  Better luck next time my friend.

Sets were coming in group of four to six waves per group and how you see the rights were coming better and better during the afternoon. Here is a twin of waves.

The waves were surprisingly fun today. The forecast was calling for small waves but there were some really good ones coming through.  How is it looking to you guys?? 

It's great to see Leah out and about checking the surf.  Not so long ago she had a bad accident and hurt herself, breaking her leg.  We all hope that you are back in the water soon amor.  We love and adore our local crowd her in Iguana, I would like to say that we are pretty much family.

This group of guys were in the water for a solid six hours.  My man Armando(Codo)Lopez was on his game today.  Every wave that these guys caught was documented on film.  If you are planning on coming down, make sure to get a good day of photos from my boy blue, Codo!!!!
He is the man!! Hit us up at www.nicaraguasurfreport.com

Another one of the boys going big!!!  Great off the top my friend.  Thank you so much for thinking of us for your photo shoot.  If anyone else that is coming down is interested in photos be sure to let us know.  We can send you home with some of the best surf photos of your lives. 

We are going to end the report with a shot of Fabian.  You guys were great and thanks again for coming down.  Please make sure you check back in tomorrow for our surf report.  I'm thinking that the waves are going to be really good tomorrow because we are all going out on the town. It's Semana Santa and in this country the party is on!!  We all know when you go big the waves are going off the next day!!   We shall see.  Night Night!!