Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello everybody. Happy holy Easter. This week is the most busy week in all Nicaragua, every beach have a lot of people having vacations. Everybody is looking to refresh her body and their brain( Some people want to relax, others, just want to have a party). The waves are small now, but will be super big soon. Check what happened today.

The kids are playing on the beach, here they are making Castles. Everybody remember this time of the life when we were kids and we spend all day in the sun until our parents say ( No more sun ) and we were sad. Well, we are older and now we can stay all day surfing.

Talking about a big kid, here is my buddy Lester Espinosa. He is like Peter Pan. He don't want to grow and he like to fly.

There are some surfers in the water, but a big set come and clean the line up. So I only have photos of Lester.

He was trying all kinds of airs. The wind is strong and the water is cold again. The are some big waves, but sporadically.

This panoramic will be exchanged soon. There are a big swell coming, so this small waves are the calm before the storm.

The people who live in the middle of the country come here to enjoy the swimming pool and have some drinks. The BBQ, Cocktails, snack and others activities are going on all day.

Lester was alone for long time. Were are the surfers?

And remember, the Easter is to remember the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ for our sins could be forgiven. Not for accelerate our sins. So behave yourself and have fun, spend time with your families, if you drink do not drive. Armando Lopez is out.