Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hola and bienvenidos to our daily surf report here at NSR. We woke up this Sunday morning to see if we couldn't score some waves. We knew there was swell in the water but the beach break wasn't putting out - waist high peelers weren't going to cut it. Not one to be easily discouraged Eric says "yo, I think I see something down the beach".

Before following Intern Eric's hunch, we watched a few guys paddle out and pull into some racing barrels. Here is an unknown regular foot with a nice backside setup for the tube.......shoots, you guys can have it.

After a bit of a hike to get there we were ready for a little morning PangaJuice, Here's "Carlos Caliente" walking out to the beach and feeling good with his new juicer under his arm.

Eric gave a Sarasota yeehaaah when we were greeted by empty peaks at the end of our walk. The wind really started cranking later on in the morning but as usual it was going the right direction. Just check out the spray coming off this empty A-frame! Which way would you go?

Team stretch on the beach with the Philly/Jesey crew back on another Nicaragua pilgrimage - Lyle, Jayson, Jay, Mike, and Mike trying not to pull a groin on their first go-out. Unfortunately, the airline they flew in on temporarily lost their boards. But NSR had their backs though with replacement sticks from our stacked rental quiver. Something to keep in mind for your next surf trip. Ya Lyle, get the quad good and loose!

Here is Carlito again, he was out there ripping as usual. Throwing a thick hack on this nice sized right hander! Loving that new fish in these waves.

Here's Jay bird dropping in on a beautiful wave. Good thing you got that stretch in before surfing some overhead sets Jay!

On our way out we watched as Captain "Jack Sparrow" See snagged one from way outside. Nice wave man! That's it for today. We'll be bringing you the coverage from new swell that is supposed grace Nicaraguan beaches starting tomorrow. Check back.

Always on the lookout for great vacation homes a close walk to the best surf, we wanted to let you know about two new rental properties you will want to book for your next Nicaragua vacation. Some folks know this beachfront villa as Capone's, it's located a short walk to Panga Drops, Colorado and easy access to a handful of other spots.

Having moved the family back to the US, Colorado barrel sensai Marc Brown is making his beach front home available for rent. This 3 bedroom house is right in front of a sick left hand reef. Hit us up at [email protected] if you'd like to make a reservation.