Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi and welcome to our daily surf report from down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were pretty small today and the wind was still onshore, making our surfing day a little bit tough.  Even with the onshore winds a decent amount of people made it out to the beach to relax and have a fun beach day.  Check it out!

A few local kids jumped out in the water and were taking a few little nuggets.  This is Carlitos “El Bigotitos” trying to get some speed on this little right

The day was really hot today, so I took Dagne out to catch a couple waves on the sponge.  Here she is all smiles on this mushy one.  This is the first time she goes out on the sponge and she loved it.

We didn’t have much action surfing going on at the beach today, so we are going to throw a couple of other shots in.  Check out this boat trying to catch some fish, that’s a very good idea because the Mahi Mahi should be out there now.

This is Masekela on the last surfing shot of the day.  The wind is supposed to be back OFFSHORE tomorrow, so it might be pretty fun to make it out to the beach and score some nice form waves.

Alright fellas, that’s all for today.  Please check back tomorrow.