Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We've got Roberto and Jairo reporting from out here up north. Yeahh folks, today we headed out to some spots around up north to catch a couple of good waves. It's overhead on sets and the wind is offshore. Check out the lineup.

We want to give a special shoot out to our friends from the US. From left to right we have Karen "La India Rubia" Mchugh, Gregg "The Boom Guy" Chisoum, Amy "La Torta" Selbach and Jeff "El Lobo Solo" Wolfe. These guys came down here to score some sick waves and they hire "Lucha Libre" to get back to the US with a CD of killer photos.

In the other hand we have Dr.Sorahb "Sobe Hoff" Gollily going big. This guy paddled out early today and was having so much fun by himself.

Today we took the helicopter out to take a couple of good photos from a different perpestive. Here we have "La India Rubia" taking off on a nice size set, this lady was killing it today.

How about our friend Gregg "The Boom Guy" with a sick shot from the helicopter. He was so excited because there were some good sets coming through and of course he was having so much fun too. It was so nice to have down here again buddy!!!

Later on, we had a couple guys from New Jersey out there charging. Here is Marc Oliver trying to get into the barrel. He might want to have this shot so let him know about it if you guys know him.

This is Paul just showing us how to do it. This is his first trip down here and he was so stoked because we have good waves and perfect wind conditions all day long.

That's all for today folks. Please check back tomorow.