Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 12, 2006

Well, Roberto is feeling a bit better today and it's a good thing because the waves at Maderas are FIRING. It's overhead and offshore and we've got tons of pics. This is Kambute charging Machete pt.

This is some guy we don't know behind the 8-ball on this set wave. Yes, it's March and the waves are here.

Here is a great shot of Coki, pulling into a nice right.

Coki, shot 2.

Coki has been stepping up lately and today he was ripping. Here's another barrel sequence...shot 1

Coki, Shot 2

Coki, Shot 3

Coki, Shot 4 - squeaking out under the lip. Nice one man!

What would a day at the beach be if it weren't for the chicks?

Here is a cool shot by Roberto.

Luis was out too, doing his thing.

Here's Kambute on a nice sized right.

Switching locations for a second...the waves weren't quite as good up north today, but they were still super fun and nobody was out. This is a beachbreak, near Leon - there are miles and miles of empty barrels.

This place reminded me of some of the beaches in Mainland Mex. Dumpy, hollow and strong. This was the view when we pulled up in the early morning. These waves are about head-high.

The wind varied between offshore and sideshore all morning. I was hoping to get some pics of other surfers, there just wasn't anybody out. This is how it looked when I got out. Not only was it super fun, it showed definite potential.