Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, March 04, 2013

Hi there, this is Lucha Libre again with your daily surf report.  The waves got even smaller today, good to take the big boards out.  Knee to waist high waves on the bigger sets, strong offshore winds  and cold water.  This is what we found first thing in the morning.

We changed locations and we didn't have any better luck.  Check out the scene!

As I said before, it was a good day to take the big pangas out and this guy was taking advantage on his.  Riding a nice right hander!

These two guys came by the beach, checked it and got back to their place.  Sometimes you can have fun drinkning some toñas, when we don't have waves!

This guy was the only one on his shortboard out there.  Here he is caught going over the top of this closed out section.

The big boy came back today looking for another battle with Misingo.  Wooo, that thing it is getting big!

One last action shot of this longboarder, trying to get to the nose.  Way to go maje!

That's all for today boys, please check back tomorrow!