Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well folks, the swell has picked up since yesterday. Imagine pulling up to the beach and seeing this from the truck...

Hi everybody, this is Jairo "Come Pan" Panic reporting from out here up north. Today a couple of local surfers made it out there and were having fun and sharing some good waves each other. We have solid overhead set waves coming through, the wind is offshore and the water is a little bit chilly. Check it out.

We are more than lucky because we have some good swell in the water this month. It's been pretty small for the last couple of years on this month (Feb.) but this year is the exception. Here we have our friend D-Lite with a sweet spray.

Here we have Carlos caliente charging out and getting some good score today. Here he with a cool shot. by the way take a look his finger.

Donald "El Guru" was the only guy getting good shacks like this one out there. He's 50 years old and he still charge, that's awesome.

As always when we have good swell in the water there are some heavy wipeouts. Check out this guy taking off lately on one of the biggest closed out waves of he day. Hey buddy be careful next time because if you don't know that's is shallow reef.

This is Zamir "El Peluchito" Duarte with a pretty sweet maneuver. No one surf best this spot like this guy, that's why he won the last contest last year in his own homebreak. We are also hoping to get some good waves for tomorrow, so please stay tuned with us.

Here's one last shot to hold you over until tomorrow, when the swell is supposed to max out.