Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome and thank you guys for checking the Thursday surf report with us.  This is “Come Pan” and “Lucha Libre” bringing you all the surf action from the beach today.  This morning we started the day with some surf lesson and later on we headed out to Maderas to score some waves.  It was head high with some occasional overhead sets, the wind was offshore and the water was a little bit chilly.  Check out what happened on the beach today!!!

The NSR surf school had a couple of new students from USA, who decided to learn how to surf and had a blast time on the beach with us today.  We want to introduce the first student, her name is Jessie who was so excited with his first day with a long board in the water.  Here she is riding one of her many waves she caught.

The second up is Jonathan on this nice wave.  Here we have a shot of him enjoying this wave all the way in to the beach.  These guys had so much fun with us today.  Nice meeting you folks!!!

Later on we went to Maderas to score some head high waves, it looks like we have a new swell bumping up today.  Here we caught this sweet empty wave with no one on it as always.

We want to give a special shout out to our good friends Pancho Sanchez and Heather, D-lite and the new part of the NSR Family Safari.  They just got in town last night and today they were so excited to make it back to playa Maderas.  Here we have a cool shot of the crew drinking a few beers after a good surf sesh.  Hey Carlitos, you must be the next one!!!

Not many locals were out this afternoon but “Calibilly” Zapata was there taking advantage of some of the best sets we had coming through.  Check him out waiting for the right moment to snap this one.

The waves were a little bit stronger than usual at low tide out here at Maderas and we had a couple of guys that hurt themselves against the rocks at Machete Pt.  Cort from New York wasn’t lucky today because he hit the rocks and he also misses his shorts.  Maybe he should give a call to D-wade and get a pair of sexy ones.

A few ladies paddled out today and were killing it.  This is Katrina “La Jirafona” from Holland taking a nice sizeable left.  Good job Katy, we hope to see many more girls out there tomorrow.

We want to finish the day with this special shot of Panchito Sanchito and his family.  He looks so proud of them, good for you buddy.  The waves should be still pretty fun tomorrow running about chest to shoulder high on sets with offshore winds so check back with us.