Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, February 19, 2006

OK, we've gone from "Sunsets, Lovers and Flat" to some fun waves out here at Maderas today. The winds are howling offshore and the upwelling is creating chilly conditions in the water. If you're planning a trip down this month, make sure you bring a warm top.

This is Yuri on a nice Right hander. Remember that we have a big contest out here this weekend. Come on out and support Nicaragua surfing!

Meanwhile, far away down the beach at Machete bay the lefts were peeling through unridden.

another nice shot by Roberto

I'm still trying to figure out what these chicks are doing. It looks like some combination of sunbathing and yoga. ...or maybe they are just trying to get their necks really tan.

Fire in the sky. Check back later for more Nicaragua surfing action!