Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi everyone, this is Miguel bringing you a little bit of the action  for this Monday surf report.  Today we went to the beach in the morning with the incoming tide trying to score some good ones.  The waves were super fun running about chest to head high on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check out the lineup!!!

Today we are going to start with Carlos “Caliente”.  He was catching some fun waves all day long.  He looks super stoked riding on top of this nice sized wave.

On this shot we have this local guy, doing his thing.  He went to the beach with his new friends, and was trying to get a couple of fun waves.  Check him out with this small but super fun air maneuver.

Here we have once again our very good friend Carlos “Caliente”, riding this one on his belly.  He wanted to remember when we won the boggie board national champion ship at Puerto Escondida, Mexico.  Nice style dude, there is always a good way to get shacked, uh!

The lineup was not very crowded today, we only had about 4 or 6 surfers including a couple local guys.  Here we have this guy dropping in on this beautiful right hander.  We have to mention that he didn't make it but the first shot looks good, don't you think so?

The waves were small but super fun out there in the lineup, which is good.  Check out this unknown rider trying to get some shade on this small but sweet barrel section.  What a nice shot!!!

Alright folks, that is all for today.  We hope to have some fun waves tomorrow.  Please check back with us!