Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi folks, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia with the Sunday surf report.  Today we drove up to Playa Maderas early in the morning because we wanted to take advantage and ride some fun and uncrowd waves and we also wanted to have the afternoon off because we wanted to support the NSR soccer team on the final game in Rivas city.  The waves were running about waist high on sets, the winds were offshore and the water warmed a little bit.  Check it out!!!

A few ladies were out commanding the lineup and were taking tons of small but fun waves.  This is Ana from Holland having fun on this little nugget.

Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro was the only local surfer that was out this morning.  Here he is trying to get some speed.  He was feeling really weird because he has been surfing bigger waves for the last days and today the waves were way smaller but still pretty fun.

Here we have a shot of “La Salchicha Alemana” about to bottom turn this nice looking left.  This guy was killing it today, he was riding every single wave that came through.

This is a shot of an unknown pale rider doing the best to do a good turn on this one.  The waves were small today but do not worry because we are expecting to have a push on Wednesday or so.

We want to leave you guys with a shot of the new Departmental Champion Ship of Rivas City.  Yeahh folks, the NSR Soccer Team finally won a title and this time a big one.  These guys played against 17 different teams, they only got beat once and then they won all the games they had including the finals.  This is another victory for the NSR family who support the locals in every kind of sports.

Lucha Libre out!!!