Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hi there, guess who is here?  Ohhhh yeahhhhh amigos, Lucha Libre Garcia is back in the house with your Saturday surf report.  The waves were super fun this morning and Armando El Codo Lopez took the camera out to catch some of the action, meanwhile he was hurting on the beach quite a few people was scoring.  Shoulder high waves on the bigger sets, quite strong offshore winds and chilly water today.  Check it out!

A few locals were all over the place.  Lester catching a nice nugget at second peak.  He loves to be close to the lip, always!!!

In the meantime Leni was shredding up, as every time we get some waves.  Smacking it!

Pancho Sanchez was one of the first guys to paddle out.  He was having a blast on his Tomo board.  We have one of these boards that you can demo at our shop, so come by and give it a try.

Pancho Sanchez, same wave and about to get,,,,,,,,, What's next?

Puckkkkaaaaaaa,,,, pucka, pucka,,, puckaaaaaaaaa!!!

There were some killer waves rolling in for sure.  This one was a good one to back doooooooooorrrrrr!!!

The locals know how to shred here.  Here is caught Derling working on his backside.

Kevin has been praying for some waves and he finally got some today.  Ala chiviri, chiviri, chiviri  or la chovoro , chovoroooooooo!!!

Oh yeah, Kevincito working on his frontside.  You owe Codo a session buddy!

Chip on the last shot of the day.  We are expecting to score some tomorrow as well.  So stay tuned with us!!!