Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello my friends thanks for check the surf report. Let me tell you something!!!. Remember the last days how light was the wind and the blue water. Today was the opposite. The wind is so strong, not to many people was ready to paddle out. There are some waves with good shape and we can see a little bit of swell. Check it out.

Believe me this surfer in the paddle board, was trying to go down in this wave when the wind basically throw away to the back. He was about five second trying to make the drop and the heavy board never go down.

The few surfers in the water don't get any wave, because they never been in the right spot, so all this waves were empty.

Always there is something to do, this family have a good idea. Have a BBQ in the garden close to the pool.

Even come back home was a battle. I saw this surfer walk three step in front and seven back.

Ok. Amigos if you don't find nothing to do during the day. Come to the surf shop and spend a lot of money in our souvenir and surf accesorios. Armando Lopez is out.