Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome and thanks you for joining us for the Friday surf report, this is Jairo “Come Pan and Roberto “Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you all the action from the beach.  This afternoon we headed out to Maderas before dark to score some rally fun chest to shoulder high waves, the wind was offshore and the water was a little bit chilly.  Check out what we got for you today.

There were some occasional overhead sets coming through to the beach.  For the first surf shot of the day we have Byron “El Abuelo” Lopez who decided to padded out and catch some good sizeable waves like this one.  Here he is looking for a sweet barrel on this right.

The lineup wasn’t busy today, only there were around ten people catching a ton of fun waves and share a good day at the beach.  On our second surf shot we caught George “El Chispero”   making a nice front side barrel on this cool left.  Well done Chispero!!!

Carlos “Caliente” decided to let the computer for a little while because he wanted to get some sun and catch some waves.  Here he is taking off on this nice wave and rip it up all the way to the beach.

A couple of locals were so excited to have many good waves and scored some of them.  This is Norwing “El Chullin” Estrella with this cool front side snap on this sweet one.  Norwing is one of the couple of groms to score big waves down here in Nicaragua.

There were some sick rights breaking at Machete pt all the way to the beach.  As you can see in this shot one of the best waves of the day is rolling in with nobody on it.

Gerardo “El Mope” Miranda made it out there as well.  He was getting some waves and rips it up all over the place.  This time we caught a shot of him with this nice back side floater.   “El Mope” is more than happy because got his girlfriend in town.

On our last shot of the day we have Hugo Taking off on this amazing right.   We were excited to see you in the water again buddy!!!  The waves will be the same tomorrow.  Please check back with us.  Have a good one!!!!