Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hello everybody. Pretty sunny day, strong offshore wind and a little swell is hitting our beach, waves rolling good all morning. check the line up.

Left and right were breaking with good shape, look this local guy with a nice bottom turn. The next guys are nominated a the best bottom turn style.

The unknown rider had this nice overhead wave. What do you think? No hand in the rail.

Here is Goyo, he always choose the best wave in the set, went I surf this point, I'll be close to him to steal his wave in his own homebreak next time.  Ha,ha, ha!!!

Practice cuts was easy today, waves had all the long line so percfect to go back and forth three or four times on everyone.

Check this sick cut, waaachhaaaa.

After see this guy ripping all morning this waves, I was ready to surf and it was as good as you see.

Some local have his own surf style. I don't have name for this, I will call the "flying without a parachute"

 This wave was rolling all day long and no riders. How was that possible?

Ok amigos, this month is starting pretty good and the conditions for tomorrow look the same, so everybody get ready to hunt some barrels. Armando Lopez is out.