Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hello good afternoon. The waves were more consistent today until the low tide in the morning have sets of three to four waves with really nice shape and the wind no was too bad. There were around ten people in the water and all of them have a lot of fun waves. Just check it out.

Some visitors have problem to read the waves, some waves have barrel, but nobody could make them.

The waves were easy to catch, so everybody we're ready to go. The left was working, but the right was better, really consistent waves, sets come every five minutes in groups of three to four waves.

Today Mateo was the ripper out there. He make around four to five turns in a wave and all like this one, with good style and powerful.

This is Nacho Libre having a little problem with the traffic. This is one of the nice left from today.

The waves in a set have a wall. The point was try to take this wave in the right place to make the tube and don't be catch for the lip of the wave.

I think the queen of the bee was inside that group of male bees. What is happen over there?

Pump!!! the air of the day. Today is the best day of this year so far.  The people in the line up was stoke.

This lady was killing the wave in this longboard. She was waiting just for the best one and we were enjoying the spectacle.

After a day of fishing is time to enjoy the spa. Be tuned for tomorrow surf report. Armando Lopez is out.