Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hello everybody. This is the sunday surf report of NSR from Nicaragua. There is a point working during the high tide. There are some surfers getting fun over there. The wind is strong and the waves are just a feet high. Check it out.

Here is a surfer, getting speed to realise a trick. It's a small day of surf, but how you can see, here the ocean never get flat totally.

The waves are coming very inconsistent today. The surfer in the water have a lot of time to talk in the water.

All the crew from Mark and Davis was in the water, scoring this wave in front the surf camp. Here is Zack the captain of the crew Los Gallos, turning in this little right.

We have good waves and now the ocean is resting. We probably will have another swell coming in ten days, so is time to chill out or use a long board.


Here is Zack taking another right and making to josh to hurry up to have some waves. The last hour of the high tide was the best time to surf.

Yeah!!!!! Zack, you have a overhead wave..... Well, if the waves are small there are a lot of way to get fun. I probably surf in my S.U.P. today.

Hey friends, we have a medical group from the States taking care of a lot of people from Nicaragua. They are checking the eyes of all the people from the rural area.

We have a special report to say thanks to all the effort and dedication with my people. They are so nice with everybody.

The attention is free and more than thousand people was benefiting of they attention. Do something free for people you don't know is making us more human, so remember do something with no expectation to receive something will make you feel good.

They are working until friday all day. Every year they come and help to people have problems, so they can have a sequence of the affections.

When I was kid I receive help from a organization in that moment and now i can see 20/20 and I am 32 years old. So thanks to that doctors I can see the barrels really well.

Josh was in time to kill the waves. Tomorrow the swell is the same, so use a fun borad and keep in the water every day.

We have a exotic country. Come and enjoy of our tropical forest and birds. All season are gorgeous, check that killer colors of this flowers.

Check this cool kid with this sunglasses. He probably will be the most famous in the school.

Ok. Mis amigos. Have a nice day and see you tomorrow in another surf report. Aramndo Lopez is out.