Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Here is Norlan (El Buchon) we call like the bird (Pelicano nickname Buchon)because he want to take every single wave, he really believe is like Andy Iron, even if he don't complete the trick he always ask if we saw him.

Every body have his opportunity to get a barrel. During a hour the second point start having this kind of wave four foot high, check the wind how was shaping the right and open the barrel.

Until my friend (Nacho) have his opportunity, but he did in his way.

Here is Mr. Mark second before disappear inside the barrel. You see all this water ready to break. Mr. Mark was run over by the wave.

My good friend Arlin ( Caipito ) is a really good chef and during the lunch break we taken him to surf this spot and he get some fun waves. Was the first time surfing this wave, check how he is doing.

O Aaaaa , he try the laid back. But Arlin like almost all the chef is weighing around two hundred pound, so that extra weight pull him down.

He almost probocate a tsunami.  He say was the fault of the surfboard, because not have too much wax.

It is a long time ago we don't see Carlos Perez in the water. He is working exactly infront this wave. After a couple minutes all are crew was in the line up he come and get this barrel. With this wave he show us he keep be the number one best surfer in our zone.

Ok. We are waiting the first swell this year for the weekend. Be tuned with the daily surf report and start making plan for come to enjoy the waves with us. See you tomorrow Primos.