Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, January 21, 2011

What’s up party people?  We’ve got Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia, with the Friday surf report.  The surf was really fun this afternoon and everybody was having a blast.  It was running about chest to shoulder high on sets with nice offshore winds and the water was clear and fresh.  Check it out!!!

Since the water is nice and warm I opted to take the water housing out again.  Everybody wanted to get a water shot, so it was very dangerous for me because I almost got run over a couple of times.  La Baloy Chamorro with a nice closed out shot!

Did I mention that the water was pretty clear?  This is Manduquito dropping into a beautiful left hander.

Bunch of locals made it out and they got lucky enough to pick up some of the better waves.  Check out the view from the backdoor of this nice little nugget.

A few ladies paddled out and scored some fun ones as well.  This is Ashley “La Cenicienta” Blaylock finding herself on a nice one, on her big panga.

La Gaviota Chamorro was busting airs all over the place.  Here he is looking good with a sick frontside move, right in front of the camera. 

This shot came out a little bit blurry, but it is still a cool shot to post.  El Cascarita Pizzi about to rip the lip off the back.

There were many beginners out, trying to learn on their own.  Here is caught this lady doing her best to ride this one all the way in to the beach.

The last action shot of the day goes to Leandro “El Suricatita” Chamorro laying down a sweet round house.  The waves are supposed to stay about the same size for the next few days but we are expecting to get a new swell early next week.  Stay tuned with us!!!