Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the mid week surf report at NSR! This is Parker bringing you the action from Horseshoes. Break up your work day and check it out!

Forerunners of the new SW swell started showing themselves today! The inbetweeners were about chest high and the sets were around shoulder high so we are pumped to see a new pulse.

An unknown ripper from Richmond VA was out cruising on his longboard. Keep representing the East Coast! If you want to impress the crowds like him, come snag a log from the NSR shop.

The number one up-and-coming senior surfer from North Dakota, Don Hannahs, showed off his bag of tricks. Don't worry folks, he won't quit his day job of constructing capital gains bypass trusts, writing protective puts, or creating Rabbi trusts... It's great to surf with you again, Dad!!

The perks of an A frame are numerous. First, you and your buddy share a long wave. Second, you can brag that your side was better than his. Third, he can't disprove that your sprays and hacks were actually sicker than his!

It's a bird! It's a plane! Or, it's the Costa Esmeralda airport! Check them out for your next last minute strike mission.

And then don't forget about scheduling your other modes of transportation! If you get tired of our beach break's barrels or long reef break rollers, NSR can send you on a trip to epic point breaks.

Because Greg only gets to spend a few months of the year here, he's always maximizing his water time. If you see him, his wife Leah, or his kids in the orange golf cart, give them a honk and introduce yourself!

Mr. Gavstar grabbed a longboard and enjoyed a few waves. Check out the wave's spray. The offshores were consistent but nothing heavy.

Wow! Where is more painful to watch this empty right from? My camera (because I can't surf and take photos) or your work desk? Both are grueling... Thankfully, the sets had multiple waves.

Take a minute and watch this video from Pancho! While the waves are small, this is an excellent time to spend time with family or take them in the water. Big waves, small waves, we always find a way to have fun!

Also, take a second to check out Casa Cantamar's new outdoor furniture. Can you say afternoon "siesta?"

The patio views aren't too shabby either. Yes, I would love to check surf while laying in a shaded hammock...

You can also see Greg throwing buckets off the back of the wave. If it was his son, Rio, you would see actual large amounts of water tossed off the back...

One last beauty to help finish the work week. Hopefully the swell keeps filling in and winds stay lighter!

Ok chicos, get out there like Vinny! Take any type of board to enjoy the rollers. Thank you all for checking out the report! Adios amigos!!