Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, January 02, 2009

Good day and welcome to the Friday surf report with Come Pan and Luche Libre.  This morning we headed to an excluded beach with friends and family to go camping, relax and enjoy the beginning of the New Year, while we waited for the swell to slowly roll in.  As everyone can see, it is coming in and should be really fun in the next couple days!!!

For the next shot of the day, we caught the swell peeking its face out a bit in this nice right with absolutely no one in the water, cause everyone is waiting for the real swell to spin in.  But as we all can see from this shot that it is going to be super fun.

Today while camping, we went old school to have some fun in the water, so Jairo found a great piece of wood and surfed like they did before technology was brought to surfing.  There wasn’t too much success but there was loads of excitement and brought smiles to all.

Here Jairo got a great shot of the sun going down on of our grand camping session.  The sun might be setting but we were definitely not settling down at the camp, we still had lots of fun to have and friends to enjoy

While we were all hanging around, drinking the wonderful Flor de Cana Rum of our beautiful country, Luche Libre went around and got an awesome photo of us all enjoying ourselves, talking and having a great time.

For our last shot of the day, here is a picture of our lovely bon fire to keep away the bandidos and animals, but unfortunately it only kept the animals away and not the bandidos cause we woke up the next morning with no meat!!! Check back tomorrow to catch the action at the beach as everyone gets super excited about the first swell of the New Year.