Playa Maderas is the most popular surfing beach near San Juan Del Sur. Playa Maderas is predominately a beach break that works year-round. It’s a rippable wave with occassional barrels that caters to a variety of surfing abilities. San Juan Del Sur is home to many local rippers as well as busloads of of wannabe surfers so expect to share the line-up when you are here. ADVICE: If you zig when all the other’s zag, you can still get fun and uncrowded waves at Playa Maderas. When the swell is small, try showing up at low-tide. You’ll most likely have the beach to yourself and there will be some fun corners to ride. This also works when the swell is big, when most people go surf somewhere else and it’s too much for the casual surfer to handle. WATCH OUT FOR: Other surfers and submerged rocks!