Manzanillo is a left point break that is located in front of a luxury resort community. Unless you want to pay five star fees to stay in the resort, boat access is best. This well known wave attracts heaps of boat traffic for good reason. On it's best days, it can offer three barrel sections and a long rippable face to follow. It's a fickle wave and has a small window to work it's magic. You need to be in shape to surf here because it's a leg burner on the way in and a shoulder crusher on the way back out. ADVICE: You actually don't need a lot of swell at this spot, just the correct swell. Try to catch it on the 'tweeners for the best form. Be careful at higher tides, the wave breaks closer to the rocks and the rocks are exposed at lower tides. WATCH OUT FOR: The reef and sea urchins!