Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hello NSR family!! This is Parker welcoming you to today’s edition of the NSR report. The waves are fun so check out the shots!

We received a minor pulse yesterday and it’s still here today. By no means it is an epic day to brag about, but there are a few fun waves during lunch time.

Well, Ryan Cook, Mr. Vanas, might have had something to brag about. The local boys deemed him a “tubo maestro” this morning.

Getting tubed in the pool or in the ocean, this man performs for the camera!! Just please don't call me with any Netflix problems!

Did somebody say something about a lunch time session? Lesther Espinoza always makes it out and tells us the time.

He wants to wish his good buddy Ian Masaway a happy birthday! Ian has become good friends with Lesther and Carlos and stokes them out everytime he comes to Central America. Hopefully see you soon bro!!

Speaking about stoking about the locals, have you seen our features about CREA and had a chance to check it out? The Nicaraguan Education Resource Center known in Spanish as CREA, is inspiring Nicaraguans to empower themselves and their communities by providing educational resources. Functioning in the rural communities where NSR is based, CREA is working with children and youth through its three main initiatives:Library Services, Educational Outreach, and Youth Development. If you're feeling the holiday spirit (or Santa was good to you), here is a link to their donation page: http://www.creanicaragua.org/donate/

Marlon Brando slipped out for and into a few. He works his tail off at some properties so it’s great to see him rewarded.

This isn’t a normal meaty groundswell but it has some long period in it. Search for those corners!! Then move inside just a little more so you have a late takeoff and get shot out!!

Phil locked into a couple nugs today but I think he had the wave of the swell a few days ago. Everybody already took off and he was the last one and he dropped in on a bomb!!! Yeah Phil... Giel!!!!!

Or be like Oscar Espinoza- gobble up the insiders. This guy fills his wave count before the next set arrives.

He got a fresh hair cut so unfortunately we will have to wait a couple months before he does his classic JJF flip claim. Sorry ladies… His sick flow will be back soon!!

Ladies- quick!!! A wild David Hasselhoff has been spotted on the beach!!! El Mulo is another guy who works incredibly hard.

And his surfing has taken off! He has immensely improved since he started about two years ago. Although he isn’t featured pulling into a monster here, he will charge the big stuff.

Meanwhile, Oscar is calm, composed, and fluid. Across all categories, he shreds with style.

On Thursday night, Sidebar Colorados (next to Scopes and Spokes), is having a small fiesta. Martin Cohen will be playing life music, Hayden will be serving delicious steak sandwiches, and the girls will be serving drink specials. Like their social media posts (@sidebarcolorados) for free shots and swing by after 6pm. Count me in!

Then save some in your tank for Pili’s New Year Eve’s party! On NYE, she will be having drink specials and live music through the night. Definitely count me in for that one too!

Ok primos and primas, it’s time to wrap up some last minute work and paddle out for the dropping tide. Thank you everybody for looking at today’s report and stay tuned for tomorrow’s action. Nos vemos amigos!!