Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hello NSR community and welcome to the Navidad NSR report! We want to wish everybody Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! This is Parker logging in with today’s shots (plus some bonus action) so check ‘em out.

We don’t have any significant action in water but it’s still fun and the crowd isn’t on it. It would be epic to get barrels for Christmas but we can settle for a couple down days!

This girl was killing it though! She splashed buckets on all the guys who were watching her… Check her out!

This wave doesn’t look like too much but it’s a fast take off. Use that speed to dig your rails into your turns. Way to show the boys up!!

Checking in at Casa Cantamar, the Johnson family came down from Texas the holidays. It’s always awesome to see the properties filled with families hanging out and having a good time together. Merry Christmas y’all!!

If you are wondering, yes, Santa does indeed make a pit stop to Nicaragua! Looks like he dropped off some yummy candy and a couple books for the kids. Good planning by Grant, Shantel, and Santa!!! Cough cough, Mom and Dad- the pressure is on when I see you guys in two weeks!!!! #Santadeliverslateright ???

It’s beautiful outside so I highly recommend getting out there. Take a longboard out, collect shells at low tide with your family, or enjoy tonight's epic sunset!

While we are in Christmas mode, I want to share a couple shots from our NSR Christmas party. I apologize for the late upload- we were too busy showing you barrels from the last swell. I hope you can understand and still enjoy the shots!

The Estrada family always makes it to our Christmas party! And they always get a family photo as well. If you stay at Marisombra, you will have Marlon and Leyda helping you guys and you may get a quick hello from Manuel and Marlito!!

New NSR tradition: who can do the best Santa Clause impersonation? It was a close call between Marlon, Noland, and me. No matter what, hearing a local Nicaraguan yell “ho ho ho Feliz Navidad” was a crowd pleaser and a guaranteed win!

What about the piñata??? Marlito going for the homerun swing but Maycol/Santa were quicker…

Get your candy!!!! Fill your stocking and make sure you share some with the guy taking pictures!!!!!!

We always play the game to see which parent/kid couple can break five balloons the quickest. Pancho’s family normally dominates but Don Faustino’s family put up a good fight. Side note: check out those faces!!!

I think the workers enjoyed this game... You guys deserved the evening for all the hard work you put in everyday.

Musical chairs is always a classic. Look at this photo again... Do you see the three kids fighting for that one right chair? Yes, the other left chair is open and untouched...

When you arrive at your beautiful property that is totally decked out, thank this crew. Left to right, Maycol, Noland, Alma, Ana, and Marvin (front) run our maintenance team and they do a phenomenal job. Thank you guys for working so hard so our guests are stoked on their properties!!

Remember, we offer airport transportation for our guests. Fernando is the man and will get you from A to B stress free. Too bad his beautiful family will not accompany you for the journey…

Donna Yolanda, thank you for everything! The food, venue, and vibe were all awesome. You killed it as usual and thanks for the routine besito!!

And a huge thank you from to our NSR owners. Your continued efforts creates the livelihood we can enjoy and brag about. Thank you guys for everything you do and we are beyond stoked to work for people like you!!

Ok damas and caballeros, it’s time to go surf!! Hilario says he’s ready to catch a few so I’m on it with him! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody!!