Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 12, 2005

What happens when the waves are small? ...that's right, today, we've got way more pictures of girls than we do of the surf (although it is waist to chest high and offshore). Roberto couldn't believe how many chicks were at the beach and tried to shoot them all.

You have to be really careful changing at the beach these days. Don't let anything fall out or Roberto will make you famous.

We are all convinced this is a Canadian movie star who is wearing a wig to disguise herself.

Oh yeah, the waves...like I said, there were some fun little ones coming in.

Next, Roberto put together a two shot study on "chi-chi's". Shot 1.

Like I said earlier, the water gets a bit nippy in December. Shot 2.

Here is another shot of the waves...

And here's some more girls in bikinis!

This is young Rex on a small right. Remember when you were this age and it was always fun to go surfing?

Careful with that towel....

One more shot of the surf. Check back tomorrow to see if Roberto is suffering from whiplash.