Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 20, 2020

Hey guys and girls welcome back to the southwest of Nicaragua on the Emerald Coast here at Hacienda Iguana. Today our wave out front was firing. I hope you got out yesterday and today because it has been super fun.

Lefts and rights consistently pumping through and the tide dropping out to the low and the waves just keep peeling.

Yuji hitting the lip with more power then a sting pong shot!

Barrels were a bit fast but there was at least one wave from every set that was makeable.

I went surfing for a few hours and then ran home to get the camera and take some shots but when I returned there weren't too many people in the water.

Could you imagine your home break looking like this and having just a handful of people surfing? Welcome to Nica :)

There was one charger out there, Kai DeColorado was absolutely ripping and had the spot all to himself.. poor guy lol!

Broooooo! Just look at that hangtime bro bro

Stay slotted! Got no problem squeezing in the tighter ones.

Pop out and hit a fatty floater for the cherry on top.

How about dem apples?! Damn my dude what a sick wave! This was the last wave of Kai's sesh.. but I'm sure with these waves deciding not to quit it'll just be a quick lunch break and back out.

Thanks for checking the report folks! Looks like we should have some good waves for tomorrow as well so come on back and bring a friend! Until then adios amigos.