Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 17, 2006

This is Roberto with the Friday surf report. It looks like we are going to have an interesting contest this weekend 'cause we have sweel hitting us righ now, that's awesome. So, It's head high to over head on sets and the wind id offshore. We headed out to Maderas this morning and almost nobody was out. Check it out.

Oliver was killing it today. He was ripping all over the place on the set waves. He likes big waves, so he's going to has good opportunities with this kind of swell.

This is Jessica and she was charging on the longboard. She is going to participate in the longboard hits. Hey Codo pay attention please.

After 2 hours out on the beach, all the chicks showed out and I was ready.


Some chicks went to the beach to get a sunny day, this one just wanted to lear how to surf and Roxi was taking advantage.

There you go. The sexiest chick of the day. The survey of the day, how many chicks do I going to post tomorrow?

The surfos from La Boquita showed out around 1:00 PM today. They want to know how the wave is working, that's a good tactic. This is Denis going down the line.

We'll let you know about the contest tomorrow night as soon as posible. So, stay tuned with us.