Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 06, 2015

Hello primos. We just came out the water and check what we got. Nice water color, perfect offshore wind and some barrels. The waves are coming in from every direction. There are peaks everywhere. Check it out.

Ryan from California was with us in the line up scoring some of the best waves today. The other surfers around him want a little peace of the cake. But it's not everyones birthday.

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The lucky surfer today was Oscar Espinosa. I saw this wave coming with a perfect shape and I was thinking. Who go to take this beautiful waves?"""""O Oscar"""". So I know he will pass close to me.

Ho!!! man!!!. I want one barrel like this one. The waves were firing for one hour when the tide was coming down.

This wave was super good for a while and Oscar was looking at me and hoping I got the shot. If you want a sick shot when you are here contact me and I can make it happen.

We have some friends from Venezuela enjoying the Nica waves. Here is Ahmed pulling in a tubito.

Here is Lester Espinosa trying to get deep in this pipe. The waves look nice and friendly but had a hard punch. I saw Lester come out the water full of sand on his hair and he was complaining of pain.

D-Lite and I took our lunch break and ate some waves. We were checking the surf and decided to paddle out instead of eating because the waves looked so fun. Here is D-lite pulling in on one.

One of the surfer from venezuela decide to jumping from the lip of this wave making a air floater. There are a lot of waves right now coming to the beach, but some are closing out. So The floater it is a good technique to close a trick.

Here is Mateo in the far north peak. There are barrels everywhere. This swell looks like go to have a lot of peak working.

The sky is super blue and the cloud looks nice. But here is Lester making the sky looks dark.

The left are starting to coming again. Check how many peaks are working today. Here is Ahmed taking another tube.

Oscar was pulling in some of the best waves today. Here is in the emerald wall.

Hoooo!!!!! no one own this wave. This year is just going better and better every day. November usually is a good month and for the next days the conditions look good.

Ok. Amigos. The best tide right now is two hours after high tide Be tuned for the surf report tomorrow and see more of the surf action of Nica land. Armando Lopez is out.