Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pancho again - welcome to NSR's Sunday surf report out here at Maderas. This October is turning out not to be so bad after all (sunken Dirty Sanchez not withstanding). Today we've got super fun, head high waves and almost nobody out. Check it out.

Today we've got the Hot Carl show - out in front of the rocks at Machete point. There really wasn't anybody else out while we were shooting and HC was putting on a "small wave" clinic out there. Here he is dropping in under the lip on a set wave.

Hot Carl, with the frontside off-the-topper. Check out the crystal clear, clean, warm tropical water.

Hot Carl goes backside too. Here he is setting up minibash in the pocket.

And from the beach, all we heard was a "Schwaaaaaaasssshhhhh". Hot Carl, another quiver in the repertoire.

Don't call it a "Floater". OK, well, here is Hot Carl again, going frontside and coming down with the lip with speed (check out the flowing hair).

And the last shot of the day goes out to my man Dexter. Don't let the XXL t-shirt size fool you, this guy can surf. Here he goes on a nice left in front of Machete Pt.