Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today we keep felling so much rain down here in Nicaragua, right now it,s 3:00 oclock down here and started to rain last night around 8:30. The beach is completely empty, we just have a tons of trush. The people is trying to sell everithing they have in their farms because the rivers are getting so big and they probably are going to lose everthing they have. It's chest high on sets but nobody was out today and the wind keeps ONSHORE.

Check out this shot, the whole bay is like thits right now. It supposed that we have another storm coming, this is the number 38 of the 54 we are expecting to get this year. So we are not going to have good conditions since,,,,.

Meanwhile we keep doing some other things around, our soccer game last night was pretty good and we won 3-2 and we have 7 straight wins since the season started. This is not easy to do, because there are many good teams around here.

We are getting so much rain now that the waterfalls are starting to run out. Please check back tomorrow.