Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 13, 2006

Hi and welcome to the surf report. It's overhead on sets and we have offshore wind. We headed out to Maderas this morning to get good offshore wind and some good waves. Check it out.

Augusto Chamorro was the only local out there. Show time, he was killing it. Does anybody want to sponsor this guy? You gotta do it now because his getting better each day.

Here is an unknown rider taking a nice right.

We got early in the morning, but I found some chicks on the beach.

And some chicks were charging out there too. Nice!!

Here is Augusto with another nice shot. He was showing the internationals guys how to surf.

There you go,, the wipe out of the day. Take a deep breathe man.

Here is La Panga at Machete pt. He was surfing every wave coming trought.

More waves on tap for tomorrow. So, please stay tuned with us.