Nicaragua Surf Report | Photo from October 08, 2017 at 6:34 PM

So, there are a lot of people on social media who have been expressing greatly how they could help yet being so far away. This is one of the many GoFund me’s that was set up. You can click on the link here: www.gofundme.com/n2674c-nicaragua-emergency-flood-relief

Tropical Storm Nate hit Nicaragua on the evening on October 4th and by the early morning of October 5th, mass flooding and devastation had ensued. The rains kept up until Saturday afternoon, keeping the rivers high and access to many areas impossible. The area where we work and live, Tola, was impacted heavily by the rains and flash flooding. Hundreds of people lost homes and all of their belongings. Power has been out for over 72 hours now and the wells are contaminated, which means people have no drinking water or a way to bathe. Martita, the nurse who runs our ultrasound program, lost everything in her home when the river rose and swept through - she and her family barely made it out alive. My daughter, Sarah, and her family evacuated by walking in waist-deep rushing waters to high ground. People are sleeping in the streets, in the schools, in family members' homes, with no food, no water, no clothes. This is Phase One of our efforts. Because shipping items takes so much time and money, at this point we are collecting funds in order to buy items in Nicaragua to distribute. Needed items are purified water, basic hygiene kits, buckets and barrels to hold clean water, food, sheets and clothing. 100% of your donations to Missions of Grace will go to your designated cause. Stay tuned at our FaceBook page @MissionsofGrace Our website is  www.missionsofgrace.org This situation is dire - lives need saving - please share this and give NOW!

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