Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Can you believe it? More onshores again today. It rained for like 12 hours straight last night - so much so that the entire coastline is colored "mud brown". Hopefully this will let up one day, but it doesn't seem to be soon. Here is a shot looking into SJDS from the south side of the bay.

So what do the boys do when they don't surf? Skate of course! (and pose for the camera) Check these guys out...

Here is Luis, showing that he can get air on land too.

Roque, working on his balancing act. Looks a little sketchy there Roque...

I gave it a try, but I've never been accused of being able to skate. I'll leave it up to these guys before I break an ankle or something. Thanks for the photo Roberto.

Agusto is the man on a skateboard.

Agusto again, getting up there.

I wish I could say it was supposed to clear up for tomorrow, but it's not. We might have a few more days of this...