Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 16, 2011

What’s up folks?  This is Lucha Libre bringing you some of the action we had at the beach.  Our very own Juan “EL Duendecito” Bustos took the camera out this morning and snapped a couple a cool shots.  The waves were small but super fun and still killable on the shortboards.  Check out the lineup!!!

Small but sweet lefts and rights were rolling all over the place.  Check out this buddy styling on this one on his backside.

Big dude high lining on his fun shape board.  This spot was so maneuverable on shortboards, funboards and longaboards today.  It was small but super fun!!!

There were some nice sizable sets rolling in and this guy was charging on some of the better ones.  Here he is dropping in a little bit late on this one!

Some shoulder high sets rolled in every once in a while and they were pretty fun too.  Here is caught this unknown folk so stoked to get this one all the way in.

A few guys made it out on their fishes as well.  We were forgetting to mention that the winds were super light offshore today, making those glassy conditions.

Alright folks, that’s all for the day.  We hope to score some better waves tomorrow so stay tuned with us.