Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 04, 2007

As i said yesterday, we don't have good conditions for today. We still have some size waves coming trough but the wind is on it. The Huracan Felix is in the Caribean Cost right now and is destroying the whole cost. Check out this shot from Maderas.

Here is a unknown rider with a small snap on a mushy wave. It's better to hang out on the beach and drink some tonas dude!!!

The huracan Felix is going to be around at least 2 or 3 more days. So keep checking with us.

We just got these shots in from Yesterday (Sept 3rd) and decided to throw down some bonus coverage since the winds were bad today. This is Backside Mike, posting up in SJDS for a while and making the most of the warm water. ENTONCES!

Here are a couple of shots from yesterday sent in by Jantana. Check out the line-up here - a nice set stacked up out back too! For those of you that have been asking, Hurricane Felix didn't affect us in SW Nicaragua. I mean, we got some onshore wind and some rain, but nothing out of the ordinary.

It's actually looking like it's going to clear up pretty fast this time and be back to our normal offshore pattern in a day or two. We've still got good swell in the water, so stay tuned! Thanks Jantana for keeping us stoked with the shots!