Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 03, 2005

We'll, we loaded up the boat and headed north to get head high waves, offshore winds and TUBES! Roberto swam in the camera so we've got lots of good pics - Here is a sequence of Oliver.

Oliver, ducking under for shot 2

Oliver, covered up in shot 3

Oliver, peeking out in shot 4

Oliver, la salida, shot 5. He got a bunch more of these, but this was the best sequence. Nice work Oliver.

Here's Annie on a nice right with the "Dirty Sanchez" in the background.

Here's Ernie from the San Diego leaning into a nice bottom turn.

Here is out boat captain, Kambute, getting barreled again.

One last sequence, this one is of Luis who was killing the right handers. Shot 1.

Luis Shot 2

Luis, Shot 3

Luis, Shot 4 - how long is this wave Luis?

Luis, Shot 5...still going

Luis, shot 6

Luis, shot 7 - finally! Nice one Luis. More waves headed here tomorrow so stand by.