Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome everybody and thanks for join us to the Wednesday surf report from out here at Maderas.  Today we found exactly what we were expecting to find since we checked the forecast last night.  It was chest high on sets, with on shore wind today but there were still a couple of mushy ones to be had.  Check it out.

A couple of the locals made it to the beach today and tried to score a couple of fun waves.  It was really hard to get some but they did.  Here is Edwin “El Tuzo” Morales taking off one of the cleaner waves of the day.

Rex “La Bestia” Calderon doesn’t need good waves to rip.  Check him out with a sick snap on this wave.  That’s why he is the National Champ.

Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro paddle out as well and was shredding on couple of squashy waves.  Here he is caught with a huge spray.

Here we have an unknown rider with a cool back side move.  The waves should be bigger tomorrow but the wind is supposed to stay on for the rest of the week.